Piano’s Dallas

cheap_movers_dallasIf you are a music lover then Dallas is a special place to go. you are very near the hot spots in Austin Texas, you are also in a little older more established city, with maybe a bit more wealth. This means they will have better music show and more of the classical flare that brings in the big shows that are reserved for the very rich.

The kind of big orchestra shows that produce a large volume of music. There may be some rock band that are super loud, but not much compares to full orchestra. You can look at most Rock super stars, they have all had their turn performing with big bands.

When we talk about big bands that mean moving tons of musical instruments. Huge pianos that are all very precious and expensive. The large horn section and the base are also a choir to move even if they have their own individual cases. The drums take up a lot of space and are very fragile. The need to be backed very carefully as most do not have their own cases.

So as you can see not only is a huge production to put on one of these large show. There is a tremendous amount of referring and building the stages. The moving of the instruments must be done by professional piano movers who have done this kind of a job before and have the tools and expertise it takes to handle the job.

So to stress the obvious once again I will point out that huge dollars are spent in Dallas Tx on big shows for the wealthy people that live there. Compared to the rest of the country Dallas is booming and fantastic place to work and raise a family.

Also if  you need your Grand piano moved feel comfortable knowing there are specialty companies in the area that can handle the job. They know this is not just a piano some rich lady owns, it is a family heirloom and should be treated like a fine piece of art. And most of the good piano movers are music lover also, so they get it.


Riverside Towing

riverside_towingWhen you go out to jump off a bridge you never know where you are going to park. Sometimes you will need to hide your vehicle in the bushes or in the ravine. If it is this type of situation you will want to have a good towing service locked into your cell phone. I don’t mean to sound like i am a worry wart or something. I just like to cover all areas of jumping off of cliffs.  The most important part is to remember how to get back to your car. I know people who have jumped off of cliffs and landed on the other side of rivers and they were stuck until they could hitch a ride back to where they parked their vehicles.

Let’s say you jumped off a building and your car was towed while you were flying around looking at the city. You will need to know the local tow truck service phone number to call and get your car out of the tow yard. So maybe you will want to make sure your phone is charged and you have the number of the right towing company. Not just a company that will come and tow your car when the cops call them but a company that is cool and let you come get your car after you land from an amazing jump.

By now you probably get that i am talking about towing and you a have probably figured out that i have my favorite companies that do the special towing for me like flat bed towing. So not to beat a dead horse but just to remind you that not all base jumping and airplane jumps are the same and sometimes you need to think of everything. Like if you are going to steal a plane to use for you and 20 of your friends to jump out of. It is not always a good idea to just get in and taxi away down the runway. Sometimes you have to be stealth like the picture above and find a cool tow truck driver to help steal the plane so you can use it for your amazing jumps. And don’t forget to turn on your gopro so you can show off to all your friends on youtube.


Luxury Exotic Car Rentals are AWESOME!

exotic_car_rentals_orange_countyWhen it comes to extreme sports and high octane, pure adrenaline, nothing quite compares to free falling, skydiving, and cliff jumping. In this category are luxury cars and exotic vehicle that make your head turn and your skin crawl – in a good way!

Quite simply, we’re amazed by Elite Lifestyles OC and their exotic cars. The Lamborghini can go 0 – 60 mph in about 2 seconds (can you say hell yes?) and with 900+ horsepower is one of the most baddest leanest fighting machines out there in the exotic car rental industry, and this Orange County business has them.

These cars, like the Bentley and Ferrari are such a nice composition between luxury and speed that combine adrenaline with “the look of influence” that everyone is going after in America these days. It’s amazing to see that a car rental service in Orange County would have such amazing vehicles, but then again, it is a very nice area.

We wanted to see these high end car rentals in action so we took one for a spin our-self at a proper 1500 for one day. Yeah, it stings, but then again, it’s supposed to when you want to have fun like this and get a luxury car rental in Orange County. The Rolls Royce rental was looking like something we could possibly get into but at the end of the day we had to end up taking out the Ferrari California and boy is it a beautiful car. One that is basically made for any exotic car rental, whether it’s in Orange County or not. Luxury Car Rental in Orange County, or an Exotic Car Rental in Orange County, one thing that’s for sure – Elite Lifestyles OC has some beautiful cars that we were able to admire, and even utilize – even if it was only for one day and we were thankful for the opportunity.

If you want to see more of their exotic cars, I’m pretty sure you can visit there website at http://www.elitelifestylesoc.com/ and that they also serve San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami and New York so all you sports car rental enthusiasts can get out for a day of luxury and fun.


The Art of Falling

When it comes to falling there are so many ways to do it we decided to take them on one at a time. You may notice we focus on parachutes and base jumping a bit more than other falling freefallactivities. And we know there are many ways to fall in the world. Falling off a ladder can be dangerous and comical. Falling in the shower can be very embarrassing if you need to be rescued. Falling off a motorcycle can be deadly. So we will try to cover them all and get to everyone’s favorite fall at some point in time.

You can always come here and add your falls. It is very amusing hearing about other peoples falls when they are a live exhilarating experience. At the same time it is hysterical hearing about other people’s misfortunes especially when no one actually get hurt, bad.

So no matter what you do and how you do it, if it has to do with falling in anyway we want to hear about it. I personally want to hear how you got there, what your mindset was and what the lessons you learned from your adventure. So take a minute and post up a funny fall. Even a short story will be fun for others to read and you never know someone out there might of had similar experiences. Good or bad we want to hear it.

warm regards

the fall guys