The Art of Falling

When it comes to falling there are so many ways to do it we decided to take them on one at a time. You may notice we focus on parachutes and base jumping a bit more than other falling freefallactivities. And we know there are many ways to fall in the world. Falling off a ladder can be dangerous and comical. Falling in the shower can be very embarrassing if you need to be rescued. Falling off a motorcycle can be deadly. So we will try to cover them all and get to everyone’s favorite fall at some point in time.

You can always come here and add your falls. It is very amusing hearing about other peoples falls when they are a live exhilarating experience. At the same time it is hysterical hearing about other people’s misfortunes especially when no one actually get hurt, bad.

So no matter what you do and how you do it, if it has to do with falling in anyway we want to hear about it. I personally want to hear how you got there, what your mindset was and what the lessons you learned from your adventure. So take a minute and post up a funny fall. Even a short story will be fun for others to read and you never know someone out there might of had similar experiences. Good or bad we want to hear it.

warm regards

the fall guys

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