Luxury Exotic Car Rentals are AWESOME!

exotic_car_rentals_orange_countyWhen it comes to extreme sports and high octane, pure adrenaline, nothing quite compares to free falling, skydiving, and cliff jumping. In this category are luxury cars and exotic vehicle that make your head turn and your skin crawl – in a good way!

Quite simply, we’re amazed by Elite Lifestyles OC and their exotic cars. The Lamborghini can go 0 – 60 mph in about 2 seconds (can you say hell yes?) and with 900+ horsepower is one of the most baddest leanest fighting machines out there in the exotic car rental industry, and this Orange County business has them.

These cars, like the Bentley and Ferrari are such a nice composition between luxury and speed that combine adrenaline with “the look of influence” that everyone is going after in America these days. It’s amazing to see that a car rental service in Orange County would have such amazing vehicles, but then again, it is a very nice area.

We wanted to see these high end car rentals in action so we took one for a spin our-self at a proper 1500 for one day. Yeah, it stings, but then again, it’s supposed to when you want to have fun like this and get a luxury car rental in Orange County. The Rolls Royce rental was looking like something we could possibly get into but at the end of the day we had to end up taking out the Ferrari California and boy is it a beautiful car. One that is basically made for any exotic car rental, whether it’s in Orange County or not. Luxury Car Rental in Orange County, or an Exotic Car Rental in Orange County, one thing that’s for sure – Elite Lifestyles OC has some beautiful cars that we were able to admire, and even utilize – even if it was only for one day and we were thankful for the opportunity.

If you want to see more of their exotic cars, I’m pretty sure you can visit there website at and that they also serve San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami and New York so all you sports car rental enthusiasts can get out for a day of luxury and fun.


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