Riverside Towing

riverside_towingWhen you go out to jump off a bridge you never know where you are going to park. Sometimes you will need to hide your vehicle in the bushes or in the ravine. If it is this type of situation you will want to have a good towing service locked into your cell phone. I don’t mean to sound like i am a worry wart or something. I just like to cover all areas of jumping off of cliffs. ┬áThe most important part is to remember how to get back to your car. I know people who have jumped off of cliffs and landed on the other side of rivers and they were stuck until they could hitch a ride back to where they parked their vehicles.

Let’s say you jumped off a building and your car was towed while you were flying around looking at the city. You will need to know the local tow truck service phone number to call and get your car out of the tow yard. So maybe you will want to make sure your phone is charged and you have the number of the right towing company. Not just a company that will come and tow your car when the cops call them but a company that is cool and let you come get your car after you land from an amazing jump.

By now you probably get that i am talking about towing and you a have probably figured out that i have my favorite companies that do the special towing for me like flat bed towing. So not to beat a dead horse but just to remind you that not all base jumping and airplane jumps are the same and sometimes you need to think of everything. Like if you are going to steal a plane to use for you and 20 of your friends to jump out of. It is not always a good idea to just get in and taxi away down the runway. Sometimes you have to be stealth like the picture above and find a cool tow truck driver to help steal the plane so you can use it for your amazing jumps. And don’t forget to turn on your gopro so you can show off to all your friends on youtube.


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